A Brother's Bond

A Brother's Bond

As Robert Lee's army pushed north, Pennsylvania became the site of battles that shaped history as we know it. These streets, fields, and forests set the stage for soldiers, farmers, doctors, and ordinary civilians to guide the United States on a path across one of the deadliest periods in our history towards a time of peace and solidarity. Ride along on this trip and learn about Pennsylvania’s role in the Civil War and how it helped preserve The Union.

Horseshoe Curve - Altoona

This national historic landmark and engineering marvel was opened by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1854. Horseshoe Curve is located in Kittanning Gap at the summit of the Allegheny Front, just 5 miles west of Altoona. The bend is a tight arc of approximately 220 degrees. This railway was so crucial to railroad traffic that it was guarded by Union soldiers during the Civil War. And there was much to guard. Horseshoe Curve was an important supply route throughout the war, and provided transportation for troops. And after all these years, Horseshoe Curve is still going strong. It sees more than 50 trains daily, oftentimes with three trains passing each other simultaneously. Get a bird's eye view of the track and surrounding forests by taking the Funicular railway to the summit of the ridge. After you've spent enough time on the summit, gawking at this historic marvel, take a trip to the visitors center and explore displays, exhibits and a trackside observation area.

Blair County Historical Society - Altoona

The Blair County Historical Society is an official Discover Appalachia site housed in the historic Baker Mansion. It features a research library, exhibits on local history and holds a collection of nearly 100,000 artifacts. Inside, you'll find a wealth of information on local and regional history from 1850 through the 1920's. Visitors can see period rooms depicting the Baker family's lifestyle, as well as exhibits on the early iron industry, transportation, medicine, military history, toys, geology, and education. There's even a special exhibit featuring the artifacts from the Logan Hotel where Union governors met in 1862.

John Heinz History Center - Pittsburgh

A trip into Pittsburgh brings you to the Senator John Heinz History Center, proud keeper of Pennsylvania's largest collection of original artifacts and documents. It's practically bursting with knowledge of Pennsylvania's role in the Civil War. The museum's History Center presents interactive, engaging exhibits on some of the most compelling and unforgettable stories from American history. Check out amazing rare original copies of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment, Lincoln's writing desk (complete with scribbles), and that iconic top hat. It's easy to lose yourself for hours reading and learning about Pennsylvania's past in their fantastic reading room.

Soldiers and Sailors National Military Museum & Memorial - Pittsburgh

The military men and women of Pennsylvania have played a crucial role in defending our country in every era. The Soldiers & Sailors National Military Museum tells the stories and sacrifices of local heroes ranging from the Civil War through present day military conflicts. Whether in times of peace or times of conflict, this museum proudly honors the bravery of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.

Eat Here: Church Brew Works - Pittsburgh

Sip namesake microbrews beneath gothic chandeliers and fancy arches at the former St. John the Baptist, the same land where Allegheny Arsenal once manufactured supplies for the Union troops. Now interesting sandwiches and brick oven pizzas, along with some artisanal brewskies populate these pews.

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