News from the Home Front

News from the Home Front

While the Civil War dominated the headlines, life continued on as normal as possible for everyday citizens. Farmers still had fields to tend, blacksmiths forged their wares, and families worked, traveled, and went to school. This roadtrip takes you on an adventure into the daily lives of 19th century folks who were doing their best to maintain a regular life. Along the way you’ll learn about blacksmithing, agriculture and even the timepieces our ancestors wore. This roadtrip will allow you to glimpse daily life in the years 1861 to 1865.

Bloody Knox Cabin - Clearfield

This authentically furnished 1860’s hunter log cabin was the site of an infamous Civil War shoot out. Tony Adams was accused of being a military deserter, and when soldiers were tipped off to his whereabouts, it led to a history-making conflict. Visit this one-acre property and take a look at the log cabin, an 18th century wagon, sleigh, a carriage and a thrashing machine. It’s a stunningly realistic representation of life in the Civil War era. Be sure to grab lunch on your way here. You have a long, scenic ride before reaching your next destination.

Drake Well State Park and Museum - Titusville

During the Civil War, oil became a major part of the Northern economy. It was almost as important to the Union as cotton was to the Confederates. The modern oil industry was born at the site of the Drake Well Museum, where Edwin Drake drilled the world's first commercially successful oil well in 1859. Tour a working replica at the site of the original well. Your visit will guide you through historic oil field equipment and a unique collection of photographs, books, and artifacts.

John Heinz History Center - Pittsburgh

A trip to the John Heinz History Center is like a journey through the centuries. This 275,000 square foot museum is one of the largest in Pennsylvania and features six floors of permanent exhibits and ever-changing exhibition space, including the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, a dynamic museum-within-a-museum, and the Library & Archives, an extensive scholarly resource documenting 250 years of life in Western Pennsylvania. Stop by the reading room and flip through a collection of diaries, letters, and other personal writings from the people who lived during Pennsylvania’s most historic eras. It’s a great way to delve into the lives of our ancestors, and re-live the past.

Eat Here: The Tap Room - Pittsburgh

Get a taste of the Steel City while watching sports and munching on appetizers, soups and sandwiches. Try the chili. It's legendary.

Sleep Here: Omni William Penn - Pittsburgh

The super-comfortable accommodations of Omni William Penn have been attracting distinguished guests since 1916. During your overnight stay here, you’ll be tempted by award-winning food and spa treatments. But keep your eyes peeled - the hotel is rumored to be haunted. Try to sleep tight. Your next busy day on the road will be here before you know it.